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Ensure a smooth onboarding process using pre-integrated background checks seamlessly synced to your HRIS systems, while also getting measurable insights on the quality of hire that improve your recruiting strategy over time.

Integrated Background Checks

Maintain continuity of your hiring process and incorporate the right level of compliance using pre-integrated background screens and reference checks to quickly get new hires approved.

  • Select from a variety of global screening vendors to expedite hiring decisions
  • Automate onboarding with background checks that trigger at just the right step
  • Get notified upon completion and view results without leaving the system
Employee Background Checks

Streamline Recruiting Data

Consolidate your candidate data, eliminate duplicative entries, and reduce errors by integrating your HRIS with SmartRecruiters using our easy-to-configure HRIS connectors.

  • Create a single source of truth for all of your hiring data
  • Cut back implementation timeframes and lower integration costs
  • Lessen the administrative burden on your team by reducing manual data-entry
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