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Why SmartJobs?

Only your ATS knows the health of your candidate pipeline. Maximize your return on job advertising with exclusive data from your SmartRecruiters platform.

Centralized Vendor Management

Manage all job board contracts through the SmartJobs team & track their performance, all in one view.

Agile Optimization

SmartJobs automates spend adjustments based on performance and real-time changes in your talent pipeline.

Post-to-Hire Reporting & Analytics

ATS data is combined with sourcing analytics to give you a complete end-to-end view of how job advertising channels impact hiring results.

Data-Driven, People Powered

Data and analytics provide robust insights, but you gain access to a team of recruitment marketing experts to recommend decisions.

Data Driven

SmartRecruiters is a Top Rated service provider for Recruitment Marketing on TrustRadius for 2023. Want to see the innovative job advertising solutions helping our customers to find great candidates in action? Click here to request a demo

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What is SmartJobs & how does it work?

When you sign up for SmartJobs, you have a team of seasoned recruitment marketing experts who help you define an advertising strategy, automate distribution to the right sources, and optimize quality and spend in real time. This includes

  • Assessing hiring priorities
  • Auditing past results
  • Media planning
  • Allocating job ad slots
  • Monitoring performance & adjusting accordingly
  • Monthly reporting & reviews

How much does SmartJobs cost?

Like other ad agencies, SmartJobs takes a percentage (%) management fee of your existing job advertising budget. No hidden costs or additional budget required.

How does SmartJobs centralize vendor contracts?

With SmartJobs, you can manage all your job board contracts all in one view. This includes:

  • Job ad contract management
  • Purchasing & renewals
  • Credential & credit management
  • Performance tracking & reporting
  • Existing & new contract negotiation

What job boards do you support?

Any and all job boards globally.

Can SmartJobs help if I am in the middle of a job board contract?

Yes, existing job board contracts can be loaded into SmartJobs and managed centrally. Upon renewal, the SmartJobs team will help renegotiate more favorable terms across all your job board contracts.

How does Agile Optimization work? How does this save me money?

SmartJobs automates spending adjustments based on the changes in your talent pipeline

  • Ads are paused for jobs that have a full pipeline (e.g., enough candidates in the interview/offer stage)
  • Advertising sources are switched when the quality is poor (e.g., many candidates have applied but few have made it to the interview)
  • Traffic is boosted to jobs that need more volume (e.g., not enough applicants)

What kind of analytics do I get with SmartJobs?

Where is SmartJobs available?

SmartJobs is available to all SmartRecruiters customers who are looking to deliver better quality candidates for their jobs in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia through their job advertising strategy.

Reach us at [email protected] to find out more about how SmartJobs can work for you.

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